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Why You Need to Take Notes after a Car Accident

It is very important to take notes after you have been in a car accident. These provide written records that document everything from your injuries to your location and may be very helpful as you litigate your case. Your Oklahoma City car accident lawyer will appreciate you keeping such detailed records. These notes taken throughout the case will help be a part of your evidence, claim, and or defense. Read on as we explain the importance of taking notes.

Keeping Your Facts Straight

A lot occurs in the days and weeks leading up to a court case. There are many conversations, meetings, and other events you need to keep track of. Notes will keep you organized during this confusing time. Notes will also keep you on track with what’s happening next. Your notes should contain special dates, locations, etc that are pertinent to your case. You may need your notes to remember the name of someone or the location of something at the site of your car accident.

First-Person Account

At the scene of an accident, witnesses will be present as well as law enforcement. They will all give statements and law enforcement will create a police report telling the details of the car accident. However, nobody knows the accident better than the people that were involved in it. Your notes will provide a first-person account of the accident and provide details overlooked by others. You can describe what you or your passengers did, what you saw, and what was going on in the interior of the car. This will all help the courts understand the car accident better.


Use your notes to record all of the damages you experience as a result of the accident. Write about your injuries such as when they occurred, who treated them, how much treatment costs, etc. You should also write down the damages to your vehicle and the estimate to fix them. If you have to miss work or school due to a car accident and you have lost wages, write that down. You can also write about your general quality of life after the car accident and how it has changed.

Car Accident Lawyers and Adjusters

Your conversations are a major part of the process that you can document and have on hand. If you get permission, you can record your phone and in-person conversations. If not, you can always take notes. It’s a good idea to take notes of the conversations you have with your lawyers and the lawyers for the other party, as well as conversations you have with the insurance adjusters.

The Other Driver and Witnesses

If you see a witness to your accident, have a quick chat with them and write down what they saw. It may be very helpful later on. You should also talk to the driver of the other vehicle and ask them what happened and what they saw. Be sure to take down their personal information such as name, address, license plate, etc.

Hire an Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyer

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