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How Pedestrians Can Avoid Car Accidents During a FestivalMay 24, 2017

When you head out to attend a community gathering, expo or another festival, you’re just out to have a good time. You’re looking forward to spending time with those closest to you, enjoying the local arts, dining, and entertainment culture and just being out and about. Then the unthinkable happens — you’re crossing the street […]

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What You Should Know About Product LiabilityMay 17, 2017

When you get hurt using a product you purchased, and the injury you suffer is due to some defect in manufacturing, packaging, warnings or the like, the manufacturer of that product can sometimes be held responsible for the damages you suffer. These kinds of cases are called product liability claims, and they have to be […]

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Truck Accidents: What if the Semi Truck Jackknifes?May 10, 2017

Truck accidents are catastrophic in nature, and there are thousands of them that occur on the highways of the United States every year. These vehicles are massive in size and their sheer momentum and weight can cause irreparable damage, disability, and death. As important as trucks are to our infrastructure, they cause well over 100,000 […]

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How the “Serious Injury” Threshold Effects No-Fault Car AccidentsMay 2, 2017

If you’ve been in a car accident recently and are seeking compensation, you may have heard scary terms like “no fault” and “serious injury threshold.” These terms apply to certain states where when people are involved in an auto accident, they file claims against their own insurance company rather than against the insurance of the […]

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How Can I Get Treatment For My Accident Injuries Without Insurance?April 27, 2017

When you get injured in a car accident, it’s already scary, but if you don’t have health insurance, you might be terrified of getting medical treatment for the harm you suffered. Of course, you may be able to seek damages from a personal injury claim, but it could take a long time to recover these […]

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Is It Worth Filing an Injury Suit For Whiplash in OklahomaApril 25, 2017

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries suffered by people in automobile accidents. As injuries go, it can also be tricky to recover the compensation you deserve from this kind of incident. While these claims are often settled out of court, it’s almost always in your best interest to file a suit with experienced […]

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When Truck Drivers Cause Accidents in OklahomaApril 20, 2017

Truck accidents are an epidemic cause of injury, death and financial damage on our roadways. Over 100,000 of these incidents occur annually, and they result in millions in damages, not to mention the human cost of such accidents. When people are hurt in accidents involving big trucks, they deserve compensation, but pursuing these kinds of […]

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What is a Medical Lien in a Personal Injury Case?April 18, 2017

The term “liens” is something that scares a lot of people. It essentially refers to claims against your property and assets that can be legally applied by creditors. Many people can be shocked to learn that even when you’re the victim in a personal injury suit, you can still have liens placed against you while […]

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What Happens When You’re Hit by an Uninsured Driver?April 13, 2017

When you’re in a car accident, it’s a horrible time in your life and even more so if you suffer a serious injury that leaves you disabled with mounting medical bills. When this happens, you deserve to be compensated for the harm that you have suffered. Sometimes, unfortunately, the other driver doesn’t have the necessary […]

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Car Accidents in Oklahoma: Why You Need a Police ReportApril 11, 2017

Injury cases are tricky things. In order to get all the compensation you deserve after you’re hurt by another person, you need to gather all the evidence possible to support your claim. Many people, when they’re involved with what seems at first a minor accident, opt to handle things between the drivers and not involve […]

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