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How an Oklahoma City
Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

The roads of Oklahoma City are filled with commercial trucks like 18-wheelers, cargo vans, and buses. If you find yourself involved in an accident with one of these large vehicles, it can result in serious injury—and sometimes even death. Insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible for your injuries.

An Oklahoma City truck accident attorney at the Parrish DeVaughn Law Firm knows the tricks and tactics and will fight to get you the true value of your accident claim. By having an Oklahoma City truck accident lawyer represent you after you’ve been hit by a big truck, you can be sure your rights are protected and your best interests are served.

What Our Truck Accident Lawyers Can Do For You

You’ll never pay us a dime unless we win you money. That’s our No Fee Guarantee! Our consultations are also free, so you can rest assured that you can talk to our truck accident attorneys without paying anything.

Parrish DeVaughn makes excellent service a core part of our firm’s mission. We know that you want to be updated about the progress of your case. You want questions answered whenever you call our team. That’s why we make sure you’re never left in the dark. We’ll be attentive to your needs, responsive to your requests, and proactive on every aspect of your claim. At Parrish DeVaughn, we’ll treat you like family.

We’ve recovered more than $50 million for our clients, and we know what it takes to win cases against big trucking companies and insurers. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Contact the experienced Oklahoma City truck accident lawyers at Parrish DeVaughn to learn more about your options. 

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney

In accidents involving commercial vehicles, several parties have a vested interest in making sure you don’t get the full payment you deserve. Trucking companies that employ truck drivers have systems in place to deal with the aftermath of crashes. Meanwhile, insurance companies have several strategies they use to deny claims or offer lowball settlements.

In short, truck accident cases are different than cases involving non-commercial vehicles. When you’re looking for legal representation, you should make sure the attorney you’re considering knows how to deal with trucking and insurance companies in these types of cases. And they should have the track record to prove it.

Take advantage of free consultations with the lawyers you’re considering, and don’t be afraid to ask them about their backgrounds in these case types.

Common Commercial Vehicles:

  • 18-Wheelers (semi/tractor-trailer trucks)
  • Box trucks
  • Vans
  • Buses
  • Taxi cabs
  • Large freight carriers

Did You Know…

The average weight of a semi truck is 80,000 lbs. The average weight of a standard car is 5,000 lbs. It’s not hard to see how these massive trucks can create so much damage. Even worse, the sheer number of truck accidents is on the rise across the nation—up a full 20% over the past 20 years. That’s a steady increase of 1% per year, every year, for the past two decades. Over 140,000 people are seriously injured or killed in truck accidents every single year. 

Common injuries suffered in commercial vehicle accidents:

Such injuries can severely limit your ability to lead a normal life and may require extensive rehabilitation and medical treatment.

Don’t delay seeking legal assistance! There are strict time limits on filing a claim for compensation after a commercial vehicle accident. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration allows companies to destroy all of their trucking records after 6 months. That means that information relevant to your case could be gone forever if you wait too long to file a claim. A personal injury lawyer with experience in 18-wheeler accidents, construction truck accidents, and cargo van accidents knows that they must act quickly to ensure that all the documentation regarding your case is obtained.

Causes of Truck Accidents

There are a whole range of potential causes from truck accidents, and this can further complicate your efforts to get compensated for the injuries you’ve suffered. Of course, the driver often bears some blame for the accident. If they are inexperienced, this can lead to them making a bad decision. Distracted driving from eating, using a mobile device, or fiddling with a radio is a major problem. Exhaustion is also common among truckers—and there’s also the dreaded DUI accidents.

However, did you know that the trucking company is also responsible for the conduct of any driver in a truck bearing their name, either on the vehicle itself, or on its operations placard? Many companies will try to avoid blame because truckers are independent contractors, but the law says that they are responsible.

What about other parties, though? If the brakes go bad because they’re faulty, the brake manufacturer might be accountable. If it’s poor maintenance, the maintenance crew could be responsible. If the cargo shifts because it was badly loaded, the cargo or loading company could be at fault.

Playing the Blame Game

It gets even worse when you try to file your claim. All of those who may hold responsibility will go out of their way to shift blame. They’ll blame each other, and they might even blame you. They’ll claim that you’re not injured as badly as you say, that your injuries were “pre-existing,” or that you’re not even hurt. They may even say that the accident was your fault.

They’ll do anything they can to punch holes in your story, and to get out of paying. Their tactics can seem threatening, scary, confusing, and bullying. You need someone who can cut through the strong-arm and protect your rights as the victim. You need a truck accident attorney who can fight for you, and that can get you the compensation you deserve for the injuries you’ve suffered.

The Parrish DeVaughn law firm has years of experience fighting insurance companies and getting our clients the best chance at collecting on their injuries, and we’re ready to stand up for your rights as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oklahoma Truck Accidents

When should I contact a truck accident lawyer?

The sooner the better. Though the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is two years from the time of your injury, a lot can happen immediately after a crash. It’s not uncommon for trucking companies to send representatives to the scene of an accident to try to mitigate their liability for the wreck. Once you have a lawyer on your side, you’ll be protected from those types of tactics.

How much are truck accident cases worth?

Every case is different. Truck accident cases usually carry the potential to result in serious damages, so their values, on average, tend to be higher than other types of collisions. However, you’ll need to consult a truck accident lawyer to discuss the specifics of your case to get a better idea of what you’re owed.

Will my truck accident case go to trial?

Most accident cases settle before a trial is needed. Our philosophy is to always prepare every single case as it’s going to trial. That way the insurance company knows we’re serious. This preparation tends to yield higher settlement offers, but know that the ultimate decision on whether to proceed to trial is completely up to you.

Do You Need an Experienced Oklahoma City Truck Accident Attorney?

Following a truck or commercial vehicle wreck, most victims are unaware of their rights. During a free consultation, we can evaluate your case and discuss the probability for your compensation. There’s never an attorney’s fee unless we win your case. We have offices in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Tulsa, and we’re available, so contact us today and let an experienced Oklahoma City truck accident attorney help you get back on the road to recovery.

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