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What Happens in a Motorcycle Crash Reconstruction?

If you were recently injured in a motorcycle crash, having plenty of evidence that shows someone else was at fault for it is essential in getting compensation for your damages.

Unfortunately, evidence isn’t always available after motorcycle crashes, and when it is, it’s not always conclusive. When insurance companies know there’s a lack of strong evidence after motorcycle accidents, they often reduce or deny victims’ claims to save themselves money.

However, there is one piece of evidence that can be created after a crash—an accident reconstruction. Injury lawyers can work with experts to create accident reconstructions on behalf of injured victims, which serve as powerful evidence to both insurance companies and jurors.

Here’s how they work.

Accident Reconstructions Can Help Show How Crashes Happened

Accident reconstructions aren’t always required when there’s a lot of evidence showing other drivers were at fault after motorcycle accidents. For example, if a motorcycle accident is caught on camera at an intersection and the footage clearly shows the other driver running a red light before striking the motorcyclist, a reconstruction is unlikely to bring any new evidence to the table.

But in cases where evidence is limited—for example, a motorcycle crash with no third-party witnesses—reconstructions can be extremely valuable. They can help paint a picture of what happened in the minds of insurance adjusters and jurors when video footage or witness testimony isn’t available.

We Collect and Analyze All Available Evidence

To help paint a clearer picture of how a crash happened, our lawyers collect every available piece of evidence. This evidence may include:

  • The police report of the crash
  • Our client’s medical records
  • Photos of the crash scene and/or the victim’s motorcycle after the crash
  • Physical evidence, including brake marks, debris, and vehicle damage
  • The time of day and weather conditions at the time of the crash
  • The type of road surface and its condition at the time of the crash
  • The degree of visibility the driver and motorcycle had at the time of the crash
  • Statements from our client and the other driver about what happened
  • And more

After we’ve collected all of this evidence, we go to work analyzing it to find out what caused the crash.

We Consult with a Crash Reconstruction Expert

Sometimes, simply collecting all of the available evidence is enough to paint a clear picture of what happened. But some crashes either have minimal evidence, or the evidence isn’t enough for us to easily determine who was at fault and prove it to the insurance company or jury.

In these cases, we consult with accident reconstruction experts who can help us better analyze the evidence and build an even more conclusive model of the crash scene immediately before, during, and after the collision. These experts use simulations and advanced knowledge of things like car dynamics, physics, engineering, and impact sites to turn ordinary evidence into a reliable reconstruction of the crash itself.

We Present Our Findings to the Insurance Company (and, if Necessary, a Jury)

Accident reconstructions can serve as strong evidence in motorcycle accident claims, especially when they are prepared by experienced lawyers and reconstruction experts. After we’ve completed a motorcycle crash reconstruction, we share it with the insurance company (whether it’s the injured motorcyclist’s, the at-fault driver’s, or both).

In many cases, a thorough reconstruction is enough to get insurance companies to agree to pay our clients the money they’re owed. But if they still refuse, we don’t hesitate to take our clients’ motorcycle accident claims to trial. At trial, the reconstructions we create help make it clear to jurors that our clients weren’t at fault and that they deserve maximum compensation for their injuries.

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Not all motorcycle accident claims require an accident reconstruction. But rest assured, if yours does, we have the experience, resources, and connections to create the highest-quality reconstruction possible in our mission to get you the money you deserve.

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