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Want to Know if the Insurer Offers You a Fair Settlement?

Are you suffering from the aftermath of a spinal cord injury? Have your doctors suggested that you may need years of therapy? If the insurer is quick to offer you a settlement, discuss its terms with an injury lawyer before you sign on the dotted line.

A quick and fair settlement is ideal, but is this one in your best interest?

  • Insurance adjusters look out for their employers. While the insurer recognizes that you may be entitled to compensation, its duty to shareholders dictates that the company offers you the bare minimum. Discussing settlement terms with an unbiased third party, who understands the law, helps you to decide if the offer is fair.
  • You sign away your rights to sue in the future. Unless your doctors have given you a full future prognosis of your injuries, the likely outcomes of the therapy you currently undergo, and the possible life changes you need to make, it is too early to accept a settlement. Speed works in favor of insurers who will ask you to sign a release of liability, which prevents you from asking for additional funds in the future if your condition worsens.
  • Pressure makes it difficult to think long-term. If medical and household bills are piling up, it is tempting to sign off on the first settlement offer just to get the funds you desperately need to survive. But this first offer may b a low-ball figure that an adjuster hopes will compel you to sign.

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