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What Types of Accidents and Injuries Do Homeowners/Renters Insurance Cover?

When people file injury claims against other people or businesses, the money they receive via settlements usually comes from insurance policies. For example, all drivers in Oklahoma must carry liability insurance, which pays out to anyone they injure if they cause an auto accident. Many businesses also carry liability insurance in case someone is injured on their property or while they’re performing a service.

Homeowners are usually required by the banks that hold their mortgages to have homeowners insurance, while renters are required by the property owners of their apartments or rental homes to have renters insurance. And while these insurance policies are typically used to cover unforeseen damages, they also cover certain types of accidents and injuries.

Homeowners and Renters Insurance Cover These Accidents and Injuries

Slips and Falls

One of the biggest liability risks for homeowners is other people slipping, tripping, or falling on their property. These accidents can hurt much worse than a victim’s pride, and many slip and fall victims suffer broken bones, nerve damage, and can even become paralyzed. When homeowners are found liable for hazards on their properties that resulted in slips and falls, settlements are usually paid via their homeowners insurance policies.

Dog Bites

Few pet owners can ever imagine their animals biting guests, but it happens all the time. Dogs that have no history of aggression can bite, causing victims to suffer serious and expensive injuries. When dog owners get sued by people who were bitten by their pets, their homeowners insurance may pay for some of their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Assaults and Intentional Acts of Violence

When homeowners have parties or entertain multiple guests, there’s always a chance that something completely unexpected and dangerous may occur. When a fight breaks out and someone gets seriously injured, they can sue the homeowner for failing to provide adequate security, especially if the fight occurred during a large party that grew out of hand.

Worker Injuries

If you hire someone to do work around your home, there’s a chance they’ll get injured while performing that work. And if their injury was caused by a hazard that you knew about or should have known about, they can sue you for their damages. Homeowners and renters are particularly vulnerable to these lawsuits if they provide faulty equipment for workers, such as ladders or power tools, that causes them injuries.

Falling Trees

Trees near a home can be a boon and a burden, and when they fall, they can cause serious injuries, property damage, and even death. Homeowners are always required to be aware of and take actions to address trees that could fall, and people who rent single-family homes may also share this burden and are required to report the issue to their landlords.

What Accidents and Injuries Do Homeowners and Renters Insurance NOT Cover?

Injuries Between Two or More Occupants

If a child accidentally injures their sibling, or a wife accidentally injures her husband, homeowners and renters insurance do not cover the damages of these accidents. Instead, they are paid for by health insurance policies or out of pocket if there are no applicable policies to file claims against.

Auto Accidents

If an auto accident occurs on private property, whether it’s a private residence, a rental home, or an apartment complex, homeowners and renters insurance don’t apply. Instead, victims would seek compensation through the at-fault parties’ auto liability insurance, just as they would if their crashes occurred on a public highway or street.

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