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Tactics of Unscrupulous Insurance Adjusters

An accident that results in a personal injury creates havoc. It leads to medical expenses, the potential for lifelong disabilities, the need for pain management, and lost wages that may threaten you and your family’s lifestyle. Insurance companies are supposed to compensate you for these damages and make you whole. Unfortunately, our personal injury lawyer receives plenty of calls from folks who are dealing with unscrupulous adjusters who make this process difficult.

What are their tactics that you may be experiencing right now?

  • Low settlement offers. An adjuster presents you with a figure that barely covers some of your medical expenses and does not address any lost wages. The representative may try to make you feel guilty about being “demanding” and asking for more.
  • Dishonesty in negotiations. There are usually two figures an adjuster works with. One is the low offer that the insurance company’s representative is supposed to show you, and the other one is the maximum figure she or he is allowed to accept. This second figure is a closely guarded secret and although an adjuster may mention it, there is a good chance that the number discussed is far below the actual acceptable settlement amount.
  • False claims. An adjuster may make you a low offer and claim that you are partially at fault for the accident. Other reasons for denying you a higher settlement may involve false claims pertaining to your prior medical history, injuries you sustained as a child or current lifestyle choices. There is usually no factual basis behind these suggestions of fault.

When you are faced with these types of tactics in the aftermath of sustaining an injury, contact our personal injury lawyer to get answers that address effective methods for working with the insurance agency and its representatives. Contact us today for more information.