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Rear Ended on a Motorcycle? Talk with a Lawyer ASAP!

Each motorist is required to allow sufficient space when following another in traffic. Factoring in the possibility that a driver may have to stop because of a hazard that the following vehicle cannot see, the space left is a cushion that gives the motorist a chance to stop and avoid a collision. In practice, countless drivers follow too closely. While a rear-end collision between two cars may only result in vehicle damage, any motorcycle accident lawyer knows that when a car rear-ends a bike, the damage is far more severe.

In addition to the obvious property smash-up, there are additional damages that a motorcycle rider may be able to recoup in the aftermath of being rear-ended.

  • The cost of medical care. If a car rear-ended you, you might have some injuries that require medical attention. You should be able to recoup the costs of emergency services as well as other medical bills associated with injuries from the accident.
  • Anticipated costs of future care. When doctors determine that your injury will lead to a disability, you most likely require ongoing treatments over the years. Any settlement you accept should factor in the expenses you will likely face in the future. These costs extend to the prospect of needing home health services to allow for independent living.
  • Future earning capacity losses. There is little doubt that you can recoup lost income for the time you spend in the hospital or in therapy. That said, it might be possible that you can claim damages arising from an inability to continue your career. If you need to receive training for a different line of work, this is another damage to consider.

Do not sign a settlement agreement without having a motorcycle accident lawyer look it over with an eye on possible damage claims. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your rights.