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Oklahoma Workers’ Comp: Is Your Injury Covered?

Unexpected workplace injuries are one of the most tragically common injury types that a person can suffer. Being injured while on the job can drastically affect your ability to live and work in the manner that you are accustomed, leaving many people adrift and unsure how to move forward. If you have suffered a workplace injury, then you might be wondering if workers’ comp will cover your accident. Fortunately, finding out whether workers’ compensation covers your injury is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Find out whether workers’ comp covers your injury, and learn how a workers’ compensation attorney can help you acquire your benefits.

Are You an Independent Contractor?

In Oklahoma, almost every worker, or anyone hurt while working, is covered under workers’ compensation laws. However, there are a few notable exceptions to this rule that you should be aware of before being certain that you are entitled to workers’ comp benefits. For example, independent contractors are not eligible to receive workers’ comp. Also, some agricultural workers, those employed in small family businesses and commission workers usually cannot apply for workers’ comp. The best way to determine if you are covered under workers’ comp benefits is by directly asking your employer.

Did Your Injury Happen in the Workplace?

As you might expect, the biggest determiner in whether workers’ comp covers your injury is if it happened in the workplace or was directly caused by your work conditions. If you have an injury that you believe resulted from the typical functions of your job, you may have to undergo a medical examination to prove for certain that the injury is related to your job. It is also important to note that on the job injuries are usually not covered if it occurred because of your own negligence, instead of unsafe work conditions. However, if your injury clearly took place through the course of your work, then it is likely that workers’ comp will fully cover your injury.

What Should I Do if My Employer has not Paid their Insurance

Even if workers’ comp clearly covers your injury, it is still possible that you will not receive your benefits, either because your employer denies your claim or because they did not secure the legally prescribed coverage. Finding yourself in this circumstance requires hiring a workers’ compensation attorney to file a claim with Workers’ Compensation Court of Existing Claims so that you can fight for your benefits. If you can present concrete evidence to the claims court that your injury did, in fact, take place on the job and that you were denied your coverage unfairly, then it is likely you will receive your full benefits.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

After you have suffered a workplace injury, your first step should be finding out whether or not workers’ comp benefits will cover your injury. Although most Oklahoma workers are covered automatically, there may be extenuating circumstances that cause you to miss out on the benefits you need to move on with your life. The best way to fight for your deserved workers’ comp benefits is by hiring an expert workers’ compensation attorney from the Parrish DeVaughn Law Firm. Partnering with our compassionate, professional attorneys means having someone on your side who will not stop fighting for you until you get the settlement you deserve. If you are in Tulsa, Edmond, or Oklahoma City, request a consultation with the Parrish DeVaughn Law Firm today.