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OKC Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Reveals Fatal Crash Causes

As a local motorcycle accident lawyer, our staff frequently works with injured riders who suffered personal injuries and property damage because of another driver’s mistakes. Doing the research in these cases, there are two causes that stand out. Do you know what they are?

Failure to Yield

The Auto Insurance Center confirms what our staff has known for a while: the failure to yield the right of way is a major reason for crashes in Oklahoma. Motorcycle riders in particular are at a heightened risk in intersections where there is no traffic signal or only a yield sign. Sometimes accidents also occur at four-stop intersections and temporary four-stop intersections when traffic lights fail to operate properly. A driver may misjudge the distance between you and the car, which can result in the other driver’s decision to make a turn while you are already in the intersection.

Failure to Obey a Sign

The second major reason for traffic accidents in the state is the failure of a motorist to obey a sign. Frequently, deadly crashes occur when a driver fails to obey a highway sign, and a motorcycle rider becomes the victim of the mistake. It does not have to be only on the highway. You may have gotten hurt because a driver failed to observe a stop sign or even a one-way marker.

Do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Because you do not have the luxury of a metal cage surrounding you like the driver of the car that hit you, your injuries are most likely far more serious. Whiplash, leg and head trauma, disabilities and recurring soft tissue pain are just some of the problems you may be facing now and possibly in the future, too. Do not let insurance adjusters talk you into accepting a quick settlement that may not factor in future medical care needs. When you need more information about what it takes to protect your rights, contact us with your questions.