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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discusses Midwest City Crash

Police in Midwest City reported the details of a motorcycle accident that happened Saturday, August 15, at approximately 8:45 p.m.

Motorcycle Leaves Roadway

A motorcycle with two riders was reportedly westbound in the outside lane in the 6700 block of East Reno Avenue. As the motorcycle reached the area around Meadow Lane, it crashed after leaving the roadway for an unknown reason. People in the area promptly called 911 to report the accident, according to Fox 25 News.

Injuries and Loss of Life

Authorities pronounced the 46-year-old male driver from Oklahoma City dead at the scene. Emergency personnel transported the 40-year-old female passenger to a local hospital. There was no immediate report as to the nature of her injuries. Investigators continue to look into a possible cause of the fatal motorcycle wreck. Police asked any possible witnesses to come forward with any helpful information.

Although the investigation into this particular accident is ongoing, those injured in accidents as a result of allegedly negligent conduct often seek redress in the state’s civil courts. It is frequently possible to seek monetary damages for pain-and-suffering, lost wages and unpaid medical bills.

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