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Injured At Work? 3 Tips Before Your Hire Your Lawyer

There are certain decisions in life that are pivotal. In a time of crisis, emotions run high and the decision-making process becomes more difficult. When you have sustained a work injury, life dramatically changes. You are out of work, you are trying to heal from your injury, and you are required to communicate with an insurance claims representative.

If you are currently in the complex web of a workers’ comp claim, and must reach out for help, it is important to know what to look for when choosing a workers’ comp lawyer. Generally speaking, a lawyer’s purpose is to represent you and your interests in all aspects of the claims process.

This is an immensely important role, so making a well-informed decision is paramount to the success of your case. Consider the following when making your decision:

  • Educate yourself by conducting research. Workers’ Comp law varies from state to state regarding policy, process, and paperwork. Become familiar with the process by visiting official government websites that provide information. It is vital that you identify and understand your rights as an individual who has sustained an injury. You will also see the claims process is extremely complex, which can require assistance from a lawyer with an expertise in workers’ comp law.
  • Conduct a telephonic or in-person interview. Prepare questions ahead of time that address your concerns and expectations, and set an appointment. If your immediate concerns are about receiving adequate medical treatment, then let that be the focus of a question. Clarify how often you expect to hear from your lawyer should he or she accept your case. The claims process can be long, so discuss how the lawyer will keep you apprised of your case’s progress. It is common for a paralegal to assist an attorney in managing a case. The paralegal may be your point of contact at the law office, so ask if this will be the common practice.
  • Ask for references. Don’t be afraid to ask the lawyer for contact information or testimonials from satisfied clients. Past cases are a reflection of success. Once you hear that others, who have been in your position, were pleased with the management of their case, you will feel confident in choosing an attorney.

Here is a bonus tip: Ask the potential lawyer what the best part of his or her job is. If he or she says, winning cases for his clients so they can get their life back on track, then secure his or her services ASAP.

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