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How to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident in Oklahoma City

Motorcycle accidents are all too common—in fact, incidents of this kind have increased over the past decade as motorbikes become more common on the roadways. The worst part about accidents involving motorcycles is that they are often fatal or very serious, at the least. It’s vital for cyclists to be extra-vigilant as a result. Learn the common ways in which a motorcycle accident in Oklahoma City can occur, how to avoid them, and when an injury attorney can help.

Risks and Numbers

As a general rule, there are almost 35 times as many deaths from motorcycle accidents than there are from car accidents every year. In fact, 56 percent of all deaths from vehicular accidents involve motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists are less visible to cars, more vulnerable to road hazards, are less stable due to having only two wheels, and don’t have four walls and a roof around them to provide extra protection. It also requires a high degree of skill to effectively pilot one of these vehicles.

Head-On Collisions

Did you know that 78 percent of all fatal motorcycle accidents occur as the result of a head-on collision? It’s true! Due to the factors listed above, there are a lot of dangers that unfortunately lead to many head-on motorcycle collisions.

Left Turn Accidents

Cars making left-hand turns are one of the biggest dangers faced by cyclists on the road. About 42 percent of motorcycle accidents that involve car collisions occur when the car is making a left turn. Usually when this happens, the motorcycle is either going through the intersection, passing or overtaking the car. Avoiding these accidents means making sure you are in the proper lane at all times, going the speed limit, obeying traffic signs and giving cars plenty of room on the road.

The Dangers of Lane Splitting

Far too many cyclists engage in lane splitting. You’re in a hurry; traffic is backed up. There’s plenty of room between the two lanes of traffic ahead, and you’re sure you can fit. You swerve out and travel between the cars…and someone makes an unexpected move. Legalities of the issue aside, lane splitting is dangerous. Avoiding these kinds of accidents can often be a factor of simply not splitting lanes! Again, the more room you give cars, the safer you will be.

Speed, Alcohol and Distracted Driving

These are three of the biggest dangers on the road. Drivers who spend time texting rather than watching the road, drunk drivers, and speed demons are dangers to everyone around them. As a responsible driver, you certainly wouldn’t engage in such risky behaviors, but that doesn’t mean other drivers will be responsible.

Keep your eyes moving and far ahead of you at all times. Give plenty of room to stop or react when the unexpected happens, and be prepared for the worst. Always assume that other drivers are going to make the wrong decision; that way you’re ready for it when it they do.

Road Hazards

Motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to debris, dirt, gravel, oil slicks and other road hazards. Avoiding these when possible means avoiding accidents. If you can’t avoid such conditions, slow down and take it easy. The greater care you take, the better off you are.

Motorcycle Accident in Oklahoma City

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Oklahoma City, you should seek the services of a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney. Motorcycle accident attorneys know how to fight insurance company tactics to avoid paying out, and will ensure that you get all of the coverage to which you are entitled, from medical bills to lost wages, and even death benefits if the accident is truly tragic and you’ve lost a loved one.

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