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Holiday Season Defensive & Safe Driving Tips

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year on the roads. Many people will travel to be with loved ones for the holidays. Often they travel over 200 miles to get to their destination. Stay safe on the roads and avoid an auto accident this holiday season by following these safe driving tips.

Don’t Drive Drowsy

You may be in a hurry to get home for the holidays but you shouldn’t drive if you are not well rested. Be sure to sleep well before heading out on a long car trip. Consider dividing the trip up into multiple days so you are not driving extended stretches without adequate rest. If you do find yourself yawning and starting to doze off on the drive pull over as soon as possible. Falling asleep at the wheel will result in an accident and unfortunately a fatality is possible. Taking the time to drive rested is worthwhile even if it means you arrive at your destination a little later.

Minimize Distractions

As you are driving with the family to Grandma’s, you may find the kids are arguing in the back seat or a child wants you to pick up a toy that has dropped on the floor. Taking your eyes of the road for even a few seconds to try to deal with these type of issues can result in an auto accident. If another adult is in the vehicle have them handle any issues the children are having. If no other adult is present pull the car over so it is safe for you to resolve the argument or dig around in the back seat for the missing toy.

Avoid DUI

The holidays are a time for parties and commonly this means having a few drinks with friends or family. Don’t get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. Call a cab or a have a sober friend give you a ride home. You will be avoiding a potential accident and severe penalties such as a lost license.

Taking the above steps will help you avoid a car accident this holiday season. However, other drivers on the road may not make the same wise choices. If you find yourself the victim of an auto accident contact us. We can help ensure you get the settlement you deserve for the vehicle damage and injuries you experienced.