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How to Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in Oklahoma City

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer for your Oklahoma City personal injury case can have a dramatic impact on your whole litigation experience. The variables extend beyond, “who can win my case?” to who can help you achieve the most favorable outcome in as painless a way as possible.

For example, some trial lawyers are able to get a win for their clients but fail to prevent issues such as press leaks that can make the trial nonetheless a nightmare for their clients. Others will avoid having a trial at all if possible, instead relying on their ability to secure a speedy settlement.

In order to obtain a positive experience for you during your personal injury litigation and leave no stone unturned for your case, look for the following qualities in a Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer:


There is absolutely no substitute for experience in the legal profession. No amount of textbook knowledge or familiarity with the law can prepare a legal team for specific court situations.

Having experience within the set jurisdiction is also critically important because of the idiosyncrasies of specific judges and defense attorneys. Sometimes, an experienced lawyer can predict how well a specific motion or piece of evidence will go over based on their past interactions within similar cases and with the same presiding judge.


Reputation matters more than experience in terms of quality, but building a reputation often requires gaining experience in order for clients and fellow attorneys to glean an impression of a firm.

Ratings for reputation can be found by examining specific neutral institutions that evaluate law firms based on past client experience and reputation with fellow attorneys. For instance, The National Trial Lawyers has national rankings, and sites like SuperLawyers or Avvo often have their own client review systems.

Looking beyond online reviews is advised since there is little transparency as to who actually posted the review and for what reason, so ask questions of people you know who have had personal injury experiences in your area in the past to find honest, verifiable opinions.

Approach and Personality

Your lawyer’s “style” of handling cases matters a great deal for your overall satisfaction. You may want a lawyer who will fight tooth and nail to get every penny you feel you are owed. Or, you may want a more objective-minded lawyer who will examine the facts of the case and respond only with the most effective strategy possible, even if it does not seek maximum potential compensation.

Discuss your goals with any potential attorney and measure how likely they seem to want to pursue those goals. Also, do not be afraid to select lawyers with qualities different than your own working style since they may end up complimenting your personality through their differing approach.

Selecting the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in Oklahoma City for YOU

In the end, there is no one perfect lawyer for everyone, just the best lawyer to take any given individual case. Weigh your options carefully and investigate the background and reputation of your potential representation to find out anything you can.

If you would like to discuss your case with an Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer to start the comparison process, Parrish DeVaughn is available for free consultations regarding any personal injury case. Call us now to start filing your case sooner.