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Don’t Fall for the Insurance Company’s Tactics

Insurance companies spend millions of dollars every year trying to convince people that they’re on their side. At the same time, those same companies report huge profits annually. It doesn’t take a mathematician to realize that those profits are unlikely outcomes if insurance companies paid policyholders and injury victims the money they deserve after their accidents.

To protect their profits, insurance companies have teams of adjusters whose primary job is to reduce or deny claims filed by injury victims. And to accomplish that, they often take advantage of victims immediately after their accidents or injuries while they’re still in shock and unsure of what to do next.

How Do Insurance Companies Take Advantage of People?

Insurance companies have had many years to perfect the art of paying seriously injured victims as little as possible for otherwise valid claims. They get away with it by using a few common tricks and tactics, including:

  • Getting victims to admit fault—Adjusters play the role of friends and confidants after accidents, but what they’re really after are potentially incriminating statements. If victims admit even partial fault for accidents, adjusters can reduce or deny their claims outright.
  • Offering victims lowball settlements—The aftermath of an accident can be a stressful time for victims. They’re facing big medical bills and time away from work—and that means no paychecks. Insurers offer lowball settlements just days or weeks after accidents, but if victims accept, they may be unable to pursue additional compensation.
  • Stalling or refusing to pay—Injured victims have a lot to deal with. They’re trying to recover and get back to work—all while dealing with pain and disabilities. Insurance companies use the stress of the post-accident recovery period to their advantage by slow-playing victims or outright refusing to pay, even when faced with overwhelming evidence.

We Know How to Fight Back Against Insurance Companies

At Parrish DeVaughn, we stay one step ahead of insurers and their adjusters, and we know how to stop their tactics before they even get a chance to use them. It’s our goal to help injury victims get every penny they deserve, and when they’re not offered fair settlements, we fight to help them get maximum results. Call us today for a free consultation.