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Can I Sue a Driver Who Crashed into Me on an Icy Road?

Oklahoma gets its share of days where temperatures dip below freezing in the winter. When that happens, snow and ice can accumulate on roads, making them much more dangerous than normal.

When Oklahomans are hit by other vehicles while driving during inclement winter weather, they may chalk up their accidents to bad luck. After all, few drivers are prepared for the loss of traction caused by driving over a patch of black ice.

Because many drivers expect crashes may be unavoidable when roads are covered in ice, they may choose to not sue the at-fault drivers after icy road crashes. However, if you were recently hit by a driver on an icy road, there’s a good chance you’re eligible for compensation, regardless of how bad conditions were. Here’s why.

Drivers Should Adjust Their Speed and Driving Habits in Inclement Weather

When roads are covered in ice and snow, drivers should slow down, increase their distance from other vehicles, and avoid making sudden turns or lane changes. Failing to make these adjustments to normal driving habits can significantly increase the risk of a crash, and drivers who drive as if it’s a normal, sunny day on dry roads can be considered negligent if they cause accidents, even if they were going the posted speed limit. This is because speed limits are based on ideal driving conditions, not all driving conditions.

Drivers Should Still Obey All Traffic Laws in Inclement Weather

On snowy and icy days, some drivers treat the roads as if the rules no longer apply. They may drive through stop signs without stopping, run red lights, fail to use their turn signals, and more. The rules of the road become even more important, not less, while driving in inclement weather.

Just as drivers can be held liable for causing crashes due to breaking traffic laws on sunny summer days, they can also be held liable for it on cold, icy winter days.

Someone Other Than The Driver Who Crashed into You May Be at Fault

Many winter weather crashes are either multi-vehicle pile-ups or “miss and run” crashes. For example, in a multi-vehicle pile-up crash, you may have been hit by a vehicle that was pushed into you by another vehicle. In that case, that third driver may be liable for your injuries—not the driver who crashed into you.

In the case of a “miss and run,” the driver who hit you may have swerved or performed an evasive maneuver to avoid crashing into a negligent driver, only to end up crashing into your vehicle. Both of these crashes require evidence and an investigation both to determine who was initially and the majority at fault, and to locate them to hold them responsible.

We Can Investigate Your Icy Road Crash and Get You Maximum Compensation

Oklahoma’s roads don’t have to be as dangerous as they can be after winter weather arrives. When all drivers follow precautions, the risk of crashes drops significantly. And at Parrish DeVaughn Injury Lawyers, our Oklahoma car accident lawyers have years of experience finding fault in crashes where it’s not obvious, so victims are not left paying for other drivers’ failure to adjust to road conditions.

Contact us if you or someone you love was injured in a winter weather crash. We’ll put our experience to work as we build your claim. It’s our goal to get you every penny you’re owed for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.