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What Is the Best Way to Handle the Insurance Company’s Calls after a Crash?

After a car crash that leaves you injured, you just want to rest and focus on your recovery. The last thing you want is to be bombarded with phone calls—especially when they’re from the insurance company.

But insurance companies are notorious for calling non-stop after accidents and injuries, especially after victims have either already filed claims or if they’re likely eligible for big settlements.

Make no mistake—no matter how friendly and sympathetic the insurance adjuster is, he or she isn’t working for you. Instead, they are working to protect company profits, and that’s often accomplished by getting victims to accept lowball settlements or even to admit fault.

Sometimes, they even accomplish those goals over the phone! Be wary if informed a call is being recorded.

If you were recently hurt in a crash and are getting calls from the insurance company, here’s what to do.

Get a Lawyer to Represent Your Claim

There’s no step more effective in ending unwanted insurance company calls to your home or cell phone than to get a lawyer. With a lawyer on your side, the insurance company is required to go through them in order to reach you.

Not only will you no longer be bothered while you’re trying to get better and spend time with your family, but you also won’t have to worry about the insurance company pulling underhanded tactics to avoid paying you. Instead, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your lawyer is protecting your rights during every phone call and throughout every point of contact with the adjuster.

Stick to the Facts

Even if you get a lawyer, you will have to personally speak to your own auto insurance company at least once. This most commonly happens immediately after a crash, as auto insurers require notification of accidents within a matter of days, regardless of who was at fault.

When speaking with the insurance company, stick to the facts of what happened. Answer any questions honestly, but don’t volunteer additional information.

Above all, don’t admit fault—even if you think you might have partially caused the crash. Admitting fault can make it extremely difficult for you to get compensation even if evidence later proves you weren’t at fault.

Tell Your Lawyer About Any Communication Attempts from the Insurance Company

Insurance companies don’t always respect the legal process when injured victims hire lawyers. Although they’re supposed to communicate with victims who have legal representation solely through their lawyers, it’s not uncommon for them to still call, email, text, or send letters to claimants. Sometimes, they even offer settlements directly to claimants without notifying their attorneys.

Regardless of whether you get a simple text message or an actual settlement offer, you should let your attorney know right away. Not only is this a breach of protocol, but it also puts you at risk of having your legal rights violated and even losing your chance at a fair settlement if you accept the insurance company’s offer without your lawyer reviewing it first.

Let Us Give You Peace of Mind After a Crash

It’s important to know that insurance companies are always out to make money, whether they represent the driver who injured you in a crash or they’re the company you’ve paid premiums to for decades.

When settlements are on the line, they will do whatever it takes to avoid paying innocent victims fair compensation, and that often includes twisting victims’ words and recording their statements to be used against them.

At Parrish DeVaughn Injury Lawyers, our Oklahoma car accident lawyers have years of experience handling all aspects of crash claims for our clients, including all communication with the insurance company. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll handle the insurance company’s calls after contacting us, because we’ll handle all calls for you. Reach out to our firm today for a free consultation.