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Auto Accident Lawyer Reveals Oklahoma City Crash Statistics

According to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, Oklahoma City had the highest number of crashes of any city in Oklahoma for 2013, the latest year for which complete statistics were available. The metropolis suffered 16,892 crashes for the year with 74 causing fatalities and 457 causing incapacitating injuries. This is not entirely surprising since Oklahoma City is also the biggest city in the state.

  • Exactly 10,355 crashes were on city streets, 4,893 were on the interstate, 1,125 were on urban state highways, and 267 were on non-interstate turnpikes.
  • Crashes were equally spread through most months of the year. However, August had slightly more incidents at 1,544 and January had the lowest number at 1,175. The day of the week with the most crashes was Friday with 3,037. Sunday had the least at 1,515. The worst three hours in the day for crashes went from 15:00 to 17:59 with 4,668, quote possibly because the evening rush hour puts the biggest number of drivers who are tired from word on the road. The safest were from 03:00 to 05:59 with 380 because fewer drivers are out.
  • The worst age range for drivers in crashes was 20 to 29 with 8,685 incidents. The ages with the lowest crashes ranged from 16 to 19 with 2,439. Seniors over 60 had the next fewest number of crashes at 3,740. Most of the deaths occurred in the 20-to-29 age group and 50-to-59-year-olds with 10 fatalities for each group. Those aged 16 to 19 years old only accounted for one death.

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