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Workers’ Comp Lawyer Knows the Laws Regarding Your Right to Privacy

If you live in Oklahoma City and have been injured on the job, you need to hire a workers’ comp lawyer to file a claim. While an attorney helps you to deal with the complicated process of collecting the benefits you deserve, a private investigator helps the insurance company to prevent you from getting these benefits. When an insurance company doesn’t want to pay a claim, it tries to prove that you’re not really injured by hiring a private investigator to watch you. You need to understand your rights to privacy in such a situation.

The private investigator can follow you in public and take photographs or videotape you. This person wants evidence that you lied on your claim and can perform the physical activities you state you can no longer do. Insurance companies also want proof that you’re not as injured as you reported. Private detectives also have the right to talk to your neighbors and friends and to ask personal questions about you. They can also pretend to be other people in the hopes of catching you off guard so they can get proof you aren’t seriously injured.

If the insurance company gets the evidence it wants, this damages your case or greatly reduces the benefits you receive. With surveillance photos or videos of you, the insurance company hopes to delay payment of your claim, or if you are already receiving benefits, the company hopes to substantially educe or end your benefits.

Unfortunately, the law allows private investigators to follow you in public even though it’s an invasion of your privacy. If you feel you are being watched, you need to contact your attorney and the police. You have a right to feel safe. However, a private investigator has no right to look inside your home and take photos or videos of you. If you notice someone looking into your windows, call the police immediately. The investigator can be charged with trespassing and a few other crimes. In some cases, contacting the police may deter a private investigator from following you, but it may just lead the investigator to keep a legal distance while following you around. Another possibility is that a new investigator who you don’t recognize may take his place.

It’s stressful as you wait for a decision on your claim, and even more so if you realize you are under surveillance. A suggested option is to have a lawyer at your side who understands Oklahoma laws and is there to help you through the entire process. Contact us if you need help protecting your rights.