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Top 3 Questions For Wrongful Death Cases

You probably never thought that you would need the assistance of a wrongful death lawyer. Unfortunately, you find yourself in a position where the loss of a loved one, because of another’s negligence, may require you to file for compensation. Doing so protects your loved one’s legacy and the plans that she or he had for children, property and others. When our staff members discuss these issues with Oklahoma City families, there are usually three questions that these folks need answers to.

  1. How much time do I have to file a claim? Grief recovery specialists warn you not to make important decisions within the first year of losing a loved one. That said, the State of Oklahoma only allows you two years within which to file your claim.
  2. Did my loved one suffer a wrongful death? Insurance agents are quick to blame victims for their deaths. That said, you may have a wrongful death case if your loved one died because she or he used a defective products or medication, suffered an accident while at work, succumbed to injuries after a medical treatment, or died because of a traffic accident.
  3. What compensation may my family be entitled to? Compensation is designed to make your family whole. While it can never replace your loved one, it should ease the strain caused by the loss of income and benefits, the medical bills and the costs associated with a funeral. It should also offer recompense for the suffering that you underwent.

Each case is different. When you need answers that specifically address your situation, contact our wrongful death lawyer for more information. Contact us today to protect your rights.