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What Are the Three Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

If you’re like most motorcycle owners, then the joy that you experience while hitting the open road is likely tempered by the worry of suffering an accident. When they occur, motorcycle accidents are some of the most serious wrecks a person can experience, resulting in major injuries that you have to deal with for the rest of your life.

Because motorcycle accidents are so damaging, it’s important to learn about their potential causes and how you can avoid these serious collisions. Here are a few of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents, and information about when you should hire a motorcycle injury lawyer.

Left-Hand Turns and Cars

There are a variety of dangerous situations that you need to be aware of when riding your motorcycle, but perhaps the most important are the risk of cars making a left-hand turn. In left-hand turn accidents, it is almost always the car that strikes the motorcycle, which increases the likelihood that the wreck will result in serious injuries.

Generally, a left-hand turn collision will occur when the motorcycle is overtaking the car, is attempting to pass the car or is traversing an intersection. Usually, the driver of the car that strikes the motorcycle will be at-fault in left-hand turn accidents. Exceptions to this include when the motorcycle is speeding or is violating traffic laws in some way.

Splitting Lanes

Some states have legalized a motorcycle practice known as lane splitting, which is when a motorcycle is driven between two slowed or stopped lanes of vehicles. As you might expect, lane splitting is extremely risky regardless of its legality. It is very easy for a motorcycle to collide with a car while lane splitting and these accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including the limited space between vehicles and the low visibility of motorcycles.

Fault can be very complicated in lane splitting cases due to the fact that this practice is legal in some states while prohibited in others. If you’re involved in a lane splitting accident, it’s a good idea to consult a motorcycle injury lawyer.

Dangerous Collisions

Unfortunately, the most common type of accident that you can experience while on the back of your motorcycle is a head-on collision. Some evidence suggests that over half of all accidents involving motorcycles are head-on collisions. These accidents almost always involve very serious injuries to the motorcycle driver and can even be fatal.

A large amount of accidents involving motorcycles involve either high-speeds or alcohol. It’s crucial that you obey all posted traffic laws and refrain from using alcohol when you plan on riding your motorcycle. You also need to be sure you’re paying attention to your surroundings, as many accidents involve poorly maintained roads or collisions with fixed objects.

Finally, always be certain that you have the skills necessary to operate your motorcycle. Many novice riders purchase sport or high-performance motorcycles and are unprepared for their power. Driving a motorcycle that is advanced beyond your capabilities increases your risk of suffering an accident.

Consult a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After you’ve been involved in a serious motorcycle accident, you need to make sure that your rights are protected by hiring a motorcycle injury lawyer from Parrish DeVaughn, Injury Lawyers. The attorneys you’ll find at Parrish DeVaughn can research the facts of your case and let you know if you’re eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver. Contact us today for more information.