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What to Tell Your College Student About Drunk Driving 

Auto accidents are the number one cause of death among young people, and drivers in their teens and 20s are among the most at-risk of all age groups for getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. If you’re the parent of a college student, you worry about their safety and well-being every day, but you may feel helpless when it comes to protecting them from risks like drinking and driving.

However, studies show that parents who talk to their kids about the various risks they face can make a big difference in their lives and their overall safety. Even if you don’t think your child listens or takes your advice, your words and your actions can have a positive influence of their life, especially when they’re most vulnerable to making dangerous decisions.

3 Tips for Reducing Your Child’s Alcohol-Related Driving Risks

Binge drinking is all too common on college campuses, and it’s strongly associated with college life due to media influences and decades of tradition. Regardless of your child’s age, you’re still a primary influence in their life, and taking the following steps can make a big difference in their safety whether they live at home or attend college thousands of miles away:

  1. Discuss how they can get home safely—If your child drinks alcohol at a party, restaurant, or bar, it’s important that they know how to get home without putting themselves at risk. Talk about options like ridesharing services, designated drivers, public transportation, or even arranging to pick them up yourself if they attend college near your home.
  2. Emphasize the consequences of a DUI arrest—Young adults often have an invincibility complex and believe a car accident could never happen to them. However, they may know people who have received DUI citations and should understand the risks. Discuss the potential consequences of DUI, including jail time, loss or suspension of license, dismissal from school, and loss of scholarship.
  3. Be responsible with alcohol in your home—Remember that underage drivers are breaking the law if they get behind the wheel with a BAC that’s any amount above 0.00%. Never provide alcohol to your child or their friends if they’re underage or planning on driving.

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