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Safety Tips for Purchasing, Decorating and Disposing of Your Christmas Tree

No time of the year is more joyous or exciting than Christmas. During the Christmas season, it’s almost as if there is magic in the air thanks to the gorgeously decorated homes and buildings. If you’re the type of person that likes to go all out when decorating their house, you probably want the most beautiful Christmas tree possible.

Christmas trees, while an important holiday decoration, also increases your risk for a holiday fire, which means you need to be very careful about what type of tree you purchase and the decorations that you choose. Keep in mind these Christmas tree safety tips and you can choose a gorgeous tree that will look great inside your home without putting your safety at risk.

Take it Slow When Choosing Your Tree

The most important part of staying safe this holiday season is choosing the right Christmas tree. While it may seem like these trees are a dime a dozen, some trees are safer than others, so you should be extremely cautious when purchasing your tree from your preferred lot.

If you usually grab one of the first Christmas trees you see, then you may not know that checking the needles is the best way to pick a safe tree. Needles that are a dark green color are the ideal, as this indicates the tree is fresh and has not started drying out. Similarly, you should check to see how easily needles fall off the tree. If needles come loose as soon as the tree is touched, it means the tree is dry and should not be placed in your home.

Where to Put Your Tree

The next, and possibly most important step, in making your Christmas tree as safe as possible is choosing the right place in your home to set up your tree. Choosing the wrong location may increase your risk for fire, so be especially careful to take these tips to heart.

First, your tree should never block an exit, as this may prevent you from quickly leaving your home when a fire breaks out. Second, your tree should be kept away from anything that may cause a fire, including candles, electrical outlets, fireplaces and heating registers. Thirdly, you must prevent excessive drying by regularly watering your tree. Finally, your tree lights need to be unplugged while your family is sleeping and whenever your home is empty.

Only string lights that have been tested for safety, are made for indoor use and whose cords are undamaged.

By simply following these tips, you should be able to drastically reduce your risks for a holiday fire.

Disposal of Your Christmas Tree

As a final word on Christmas tree safety, you need to dispose of your tree as soon as possible after the holiday ages. Older, drier trees are a much greater risk for fires, which is why they should not be allowed to remain in your home for too long.

Once Christmas has ended, check to see if your city provides resources for Christmas tree disposal, and make use of these resources if available. Never store your tree, especially in a garage, as this can threaten your safety.

Talk to an Attorney After Holiday Injuries

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