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Practice Back-to-School Driving Safety

School is back in session throughout Oklahoma City and its suburbs, and that means you may be experiencing more traffic in the mornings and afternoons than usual.

In addition to leaving early to give yourself more time for your morning commute due to increased traffic volume, there are a few important things to be aware of when it comes to back-to-school traffic, including:

  • School zones—Most school zones in Oklahoma have maximum speed limits of 25 miles per hour when they’re active. In addition, the right of way in school zones is decided by crossing guards—not stop signs or traffic lights. When you’re approaching a school zone, immediately reduce your speed and be on the lookout for a crossing guard to know whether you need to stop or can proceed.
  • School buses—Because school buses can be transporting dozens of children at once, there are special traffic laws that apply when drivers are near them. Those laws include never passing stopped school buses on the right and coming to a complete stop behind school buses with flashing red lights or extended STOP signs.
  • Pedestrians—Many children walk to school in Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas. As a driver, it’s important to be aware of their presence and to keep an eye out for them, especially in residential areas and at crosswalks. Turn on your headlights if you’re driving to work before it’s fully daylight, as children may already be out and can be difficult to see without illumination.

Hurt in a Back-to-School Related Accident? We’re Here to Help.

September can be a hectic month for drivers due to kids being back in school. There are more vehicles on the road and more people are in a hurry—and that can lead to crashes.

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