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Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

If you were recently hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you probably have many questions about your rights and what the legal process entails.

At Parrish DeVaughn Injury Law Firm, our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers know what you’re going through, and we’re here to provide answers that can help protect your rights.

1. Is it necessary to hire a lawyer after an accident?

It’s possible to get compensation on your own after suffering an injury caused by someone else’s negligence. In fact, insurance companies sometimes offer victims settlement offers just days after their injuries occur.

However, those settlements often turn out to be “lowball” settlements that don’t come close to covering all injury-related expenses. In addition, insurance companies may be more inclined to reduce or outright deny claims when victims don’t have legal representation. If sign any insurance company paperwork or accept a lowball settlement, you may be unable to get the full amount of compensation you deserve.

2. How much money can I get for my injuries?

No two accidents are the same, and neither are the injuries they cause or the expenses that victims incur from them. The amounts of compensation that you can receive depends on a couple of important factors:

  • Current and future medical treatment—Some injuries are disabling and require extensive medical treatment, including surgery and physical rehabilitation. Those costs can continue to add up for years after the initial injuries.
  • Current and future lost wages—If your injuries caused you to be unable to work, you’re missing out on the paychecks you and your loved ones need. Those losses will continue to add up over time, and they can even include future earnings you would have accumulated as you grew in your career.

Other factors to consider include the level of pain and suffering caused by injuries, as well as potential punitive damages, which are enforced when accidents are caused by recklessness or intentional acts.

3. How much does it cost to get a lawyer?

At Parrish DeVaughn, we’re dedicated to helping injured victims, and we know that not everyone can afford a lawyer. That’s why we offer our services at no cost unless we get money for you. In addition, all of our consultations are free. That means there’s no risk to you when you come to us for help after an accident.

4. How do I know if I have a valid claim?

If you were hurt in an accident that you believe was caused by another person’s negligence, there’s a good chance you have a claim. However, it can be difficult for victims to determine the validity or value of their potential claims without speaking to experienced attorneys. A quick phone call can be the first step toward getting the money you deserve after an injury.

It’s our goal to relieve some of the burden of your injuries during this difficult time. We want to give you an opportunity to focus on your recovery and spend time with your family instead of worrying about paperwork and calls from the insurance company. The injury lawyers at Parrish DeVaughn want to put our experience to work for you—call us today at (405) 999-9000.