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Pay Attention To These Potential Life Saving Tips

As a practicing motorcycle accident lawyer, I have seen many occasions where the crash occurred because another motorist tailgated the bike rider. If you find yourself in a situation where you are being aggressively tailgated without having the option of changing lanes, there are still some actions open to you that might avoid an accident.

  • Pull over. Since your bike can stop faster than the car or truck behind you, be sure to gradually decrease your speed. Engage your turn signal the entire time to show the driver behind you that you intend to pull over. Doing so should prevent a collision and let the aggressive driver pass you by.
  • Build up a space cushion in front of you. While there is precious little that you can do about the driver behind you, it is possible to decrease the likelihood that you will have to suddenly slam on your brakes because of the driver ahead of you. Increase the space between you and the car in front of you to allow for gradual deceleration in case of a stop by that driver.
  • Pick a side. If you believe that a crash may become unavoidable, pick the side of the lane that offers you the best chance at surviving the impact. For example, it is a better idea to opt for the relatively soft grass or gravel on the side than the lane with oncoming traffic.

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