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Interesting Facts About Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation

The origins of Labor Day are unbeknownst to many Americans. Human labor has existed for thousands of years and man groups have tried to organize their efforts in an attempt to get equal and fair treatment. Americans are no different and groups such as labor unions were created to further this cause. In this article we will tell you more about Labor Day and how it ties into workers’ comp. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney can give you the information you need if you have an injury in the workplace.

Day of Labor

It all started in New York City on Tuesday, September 5th 1882. Local union leaders wanted to organize a rally to get all the workers in the city united. They decided to choose a day when the Knights of Labor would be holding a conference because they knew it would attract crowds. More than 10,000 people arrived and the New York City Labor Day was born. The day was successfully recognized for two years until 1884 when the parade was scheduled for the first Monday in the month of September. From that day forward, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September.

Shortly after the success of the first labor day in New York, other states began following suit and parades were being thrown all over the country. The day did not become a holiday until 1887 when Oregon declared it a state holiday. Other states followed their lead and Colorado and Massachusetts recognized Labor Day in their states. It became a national holiday in 1896 with the encouragement of President Grover Cleveland.

Workers’ Comp

The Industrial Revolution brought factories and a wave of new problems to the American public. There was no federal law governing these factories and many workers suffered dangerous conditions that cause disease, injury, and even death. Some of the horrors of factories were brought to light by Upton Sinclair in his book, The Jungle, published in the early 1900s. The book caused public outrage and Congress already aware of the dangerous conditions decided to act.

In 1911, Congress enacted the first workers’ compensation laws that provided some relief to workers. Since then the system has grown along with the knowledge of every workers’ compensation attorney, and now there are many rules and regulations governing workers’ comp in each state. These laws provide employees injured at their workplace with lost wages, rehabilitation, and medical treatment.

Workers’ comp works like an insurance policy that pays out settlement money to injured workers. Every business is required to have workers’ comp insurance.

How it All Ties Together

Without the labor unions or the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, employees would not have advocates fighting for their rights. The success of Labor Day and the awareness it brought to employee issues inspired the nation to create a national holiday and recognize the work of millions of people. The awareness also inspired literature that showcased dangerous work conditions and Congress acted by enacting employee protection laws.

What It Means For You

If you have recently been injured at your workplace and you are trying to recover workers’ compensation benefits, Parrish DeVaughn lawyers can help you. Our workers compensation attorneys work tirelessly to understand your case and address the specific concerns you have. Contact us today and learn more about your options!