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How to Safely Deep-Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Every year, we hear more and more people become advocates for deep frying the Thanksgiving turkey. This method, unlike roasting, takes under an hour to cook, keeps the meat tender and juicy, and ensures a perfectly crispy skin. It sounds perfect, so why aren’t more people doing it?

Simply put, it can be very dangerous for anyone who prepares their turkey this way without taking the necessary precautions and having the right experience. Dozens of people are injured and millions of dollars of property damage are incurred every year in fires caused by deep fryer accidents on Thanksgiving.

Deep Fryer Injuries May Include:

  • Burns caused by contact with a hot pot, pot handle, or pot lid
  • Grease fires caused when water (such as condensation) hits hot oil
  • Burns from hot oil spilling if a deep fryer falls or tips over
  • Burns caused from hot oil splashing when the turkey is lowered into the fryer
  • Fires caused by hot oil combusting when unattended fryers overheat

Our Tips for Deep Frying Your Turkey

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), more than twice as many fires are started from cooking accidents on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year, and frying causes more fires than any other method of cooking. However, if the siren song of the deep-fried turkey is calling you this year, we want to help you be safe about it. Click the image below to access our guide to safely deep frying a turkey for safety tips and recommendations about how to avoid accidents and injuries when you have family over for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Injured in a Cooking Accident on Thanksgiving?

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, but other times this isn’t true. Even people you love and trust are capable of making mistakes that may result in you getting injured. However, don’t dismiss the idea of hiring a lawyer if you’ve been injured while attending Thanksgiving dinner or another celebration at the home of a friend or family member.

At Parrish DeVaughn Injury Lawyers, we help injury victims fight insurance companies, not other people, in order to get the compensation they deserve to cover medical bills and lost wages when they’ve been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence.

When you’re a guest in someone’s home, you deserve to feel safe, and if you’re injured through no fault of your own, you deserve compensation for your injury-related expenses. Contact our Oklahoma City personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation.