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How Can I Get Treatment For My Accident Injuries Without Insurance?

When you get injured in a car accident, it’s already scary, but if you don’t have health insurance, you might be terrified of getting medical treatment for the harm you suffered. Of course, you may be able to seek damages from a personal injury claim, but it could take a long time to recover these damages, and meanwhile, your bills are stacking up.

There are ways that you can make sure you’re covered, however. Learn what to do for medical treatment after an accident if you don’t have healthcare, and how a personal injury lawyer can help you get care.

Your Responsibilities under the Law

The problem you face when you get hurt, whether in an accident or otherwise, is that under the law you’re required to pay your bills as they are incurred. Even if the other person has clear fault in the matter, you’re the one who has to cover those bills when they are issued. This is why in many cases, you can’t afford to wait the necessary time to settle your case.

Options for Paying Your Bills

There are, fortunately, a number of options to cover bills while you pursue your case. Some of these require advance preparation, however. They can include additional coverage on your auto insurance such as using Medicaid, MedPay coverage, or simply making payment arrangements with your provider.

MedPay Coverage

MedPay coverage is a special kind of coverage that exists on certain property and auto insurance policies which is specifically there to help pay medical bills of those injured, up to the limits of the policy. This limit is usually less than $10,000, but it can provide a cushion while you pursue your claim, if it’s there.


Medicaid is federal healthcare which is specifically there for low-income applicants. It’s administered by the state and can be a huge help for those who are in need. If you have lost your health care because you’ve lost your job, or are otherwise in financial difficulty, you might be eligible for Medicaid.

Making Payment Arrangements

Remember that you can’t be refused medical treatment, so if you’re injured, get seen by a doctor. When the bills come, if you can’t afford them, talk to your provider about working out payment arrangements.

In some cases, you might be able to work out an agreement for deferred payments after your suit is settled. You might have to take on a personal injury lien, which goes to your attorney and forms a contract in which you agree to pay the bills out of your settlement proceeds before the money comes to you.

Work With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Your best bet, whenever you’re in an accident, is to work with your personal injury lawyer. A good lawyer will work on contingency, collecting fees only if they win your case. The attorneys at Parrish DeVaughn can help you with your Oklahoma City case if you’re in need. Give us a call for a free consultation today.