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How Can a Lawyer Help You Get More Money After an Accident?

Personal injury law firms nationwide like to tout their ability to get injured victims more compensation than they might otherwise receive from at-fault parties and their insurers.

That’s not just marketing speak, either. A study by the Insurance Research Council found that it’s true! According to their own research, car accident victims who hire lawyers get more than three times more money in settlements than people who don’t.

Here’s how and why it happens.

A Lawyer Can Build a More Convincing Case for You

In personal injury claims, the burden of proof falls on the injured victims. And when it comes car accidents, slips and falls, and other common injury claims, proving that another person or party caused a victim’s injury isn’t easy.

Victims who go it alone often find that insurance companies “lowball” their settlements or even deny their claims altogether. That’s because they know that victims often don’t know how or where to collect evidence to prove fault and the full extent of their injuries. When attorneys get involved, however, victims have a much easier time establishing their claims.

A Lawyer Can Accurately Calculate Your Accident-Related Expenses

The point of filing a personal injury claim is to get full compensation for your accident-related damages. That includes your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Calculating these expenses isn’t always easy, especially when injuries result in significant pain, suffering, and even temporary or permanent physical disability.

Experienced personal injury lawyers know how to accurately calculate not only how much money their clients deserve for all their injury-related expenses up to the point their cases settle, but also months, years, or decades into the future. They will include expenses such as future lost paychecks, projected treatments for injuries, inability to enjoy time with family and friends, and more.

A Lawyer Can Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies want to pay as little money as possible to victims, while victims’ lawyers want to get them maximum compensation. In many cases, both sides negotiate to reach fair settlements. This negotiation process involves plenty of back and forth between both sides, and it requires experience and a strong case.

Victims who don’t have lawyers often feel pressured into accepting the first settlement offers they get, and insurance companies may tell them to “take it or leave it.” They want victims to believe that if they don’t accept the first offer, they miss all chances of getting compensation, which is untrue. When victims have lawyers, they get legal representation and experienced negotiators on their side.

A Lawyer Can Take Your Case to Trial

Sometimes, insurance companies refuse to pay victims fair compensation even when they have lawyers representing them. When this happens, victims and their lawyers have two options. Accept less money than they deserve or take the at-fault parties (and their insurers) to court.

Going to trial is a necessary part of some accident claims, although it’s usually avoidable. However, the very threat of going to trial is often enough to convince insurance companies to make fair settlements, because juries may force them to pay far more than they would otherwise. When they still refuse to settle out of court, personal injury lawyers can represent their clients in court to convince juries of their innocence and the at-fault parties’ negligence.

A Lawyer Can Handle Multiple Claims for the Same Victim at the Same Time

In some accident cases, multiple parties may be liable for the same injuries. For example, the victim of a truck accident may be able to file separate claims against the truck driver and the truck company if the driver was intoxicated and the truck exceeded federal weight limits.

Filing separate claims can be extremely difficult for victims when they do it on their own, but experienced lawyers know how to proceed when multiple parties are at fault. Victims whose lawyers help them win multiple claims can receive significantly more money than if they only got compensation from one at-fault party.

Not All Lawyers Are Willing to Do What it Takes to Maximize Your Settlement

While it’s true that having a lawyer on your side can increase your chances of getting more money than if you go it alone, not all lawyers are willing to work hard—or even have the experience and education necessary to win your claim. When choosing a lawyer, it’s important to carefully research firms and find one not only with plenty of wins under their belt, but that views clients like family and not just as numbers.

There are many personal injury lawyers in Oklahoma, but not all of them truly care about their clients’ recoveries like Parrish DeVaughn. Using free consultations can help you interview different firms to determine which one is the right fit for you and your case.

Parrish DeVaughn Is Ready to Put Our Experience to Work for You

At Parrish DeVaughn Injury Lawyers, we’ve recovered millions of dollars for injured clients throughout Oklahoma. We know how devastating accidents can be physically, emotionally, and financially, and it’s our goal to help our clients get the money they need to move forward with their lives.

If you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence, contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll show you that you matter, and fight to get you every penny you’re owed for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.