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Fall Precautions You Can Implement Today

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that there are 41.3 accidental deaths per 100,000 Americans. Unintentional poisonings, traffic deaths and falls top the list of causes. In fact, the National Safety Council (NSC) explains that you have a one in 144 chance of dying due to an accidental fall. These alarming statistics have motivated our accidental death lawyer to share some precautions that can make you safer at home and on the go.

  • Age is a risk. Older adults have the highest risk of suffering accidental falls. In the aftermath of such an incident, a hip fracture or traumatic brain injury may forever change the way you or a loved one lives life. Sadly, some older fall victims succumb to their injuries.
  • Assess your home environment. Clutter, electrical cords and slipping throw rugs are dangers that you can eliminate in the home. Something as simple as placing non-skid pads underneath the rugs can make a huge difference.
  • Know the effect of your medication. Some prescriptions feature labels that read, “May Cause Dizziness.” Before you go about your normal tasks inside or outside, know how new medications are affecting you. Dizziness easily results in falls.
  • Avoid common mistakes. Climbing onto a chair to change a light bulb is more dangerous than using a stepladder. Illuminating your home after dark with nightlights makes it safer for you to navigate the rooms and hallways if you get up before the sun rises.

Sadly, there does come a time when you need to enlist the assistance of an accidental death lawyer. If a loved one or a family member has succumbed to injuries after a fall or other accident, you may need assistance to learn more about receiving compensation for damages related to loss of income or benefits, medical bills and funeral costs. Contact us today to learn more.