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Can You Get Compensation for a Single-Car Accident?

When most people picture a car accident, they think of two vehicles colliding—and usually due to one of the drivers being reckless or breaking the law. When that happens, the injured driver can file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver for their crash-related expenses.

But did you know that single-vehicle crashes account for a large percentage of crashes, including many that result in serious injuries and even death? But unlike multi-vehicle crashes, people who are injured in single-vehicle accidents are often far less likely to pursue compensation, as they may be unaware that it’s even an option! But with an experienced car accident attorney, getting compensation for your injuries in a single-car accident is still possible.

Who Can You Get Damages From After a Single-Car Crash?

Just because no other vehicles were involved in your accident doesn’t mean you can’t file a damage claim against another party. In fact, many single-car accidents are caused by someone other than the victim. Possible liable parties after a single-vehicle accident include:

  • A driver in another vehicle—Your vehicle doesn’t have to be physically struck by another vehicle for you to file a claim against another driver. For example, single-vehicle crashes can occur when drivers are run off the road or forced to suddenly swerve due to reckless and negligent drivers, even when there is no physical contact between the vehicles.
  • The driver of the vehicle you were riding in—Whether you were riding on public transportation, in a cab, a rideshare vehicle, or even a vehicle owned by someone you know, you can file a compensation claim if they crashed due to negligence and you were injured.
  • The manufacturer of your vehicle or one of its components—Sometimes crashes are caused by vehicle parts malfunctioning. Parts that can suddenly fail and cause crashes include tires, brakes, steering columns, accelerators, and more. When that happens, manufacturers can be held liable.
  • A governmental body tasked with ensuring road safety—Roads are supposed to be safe for drivers, and if they aren’t safe, they should be closed or made safer via detours, signage, or the installation of guard rails. When state and local governments or road crews fail to protect drivers, they can be considered responsible when crashes occur.
  • Your own insurance—Some single-car accidents are random events that no one could predict or prevent. Common examples include trees or tree limbs falling on vehicles or wild animals running into the path of vehicles. When unforeseen events like that occur and drivers are injured, they may be eligible to get compensation from their own insurance policies.

Unsure of who might be held liable after a single-vehicle accident that injured you or someone you love? Our Oklahoma City auto accident attorneys are here to help. We have years of experience assisting injured victims after crashes, whether they were multi-car pileups or single-vehicle accidents.

We Help Single-Vehicle Accident Victims Get Maximum Compensation

Statistics show that there are tens of thousands of crashes annually in Oklahoma, and a significant number of those involve just one vehicle. We believe those people shouldn’t be denied the money they deserve just because there isn’t another damaged vehicle at the crash scene.

We work hard to collect all the evidence to help crash victims get a fair shake at compensation, even when it looks like their chances of getting money are slim. Contact us today for a free consultation and to find out how our lawyers can fight to protect your rights.