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Avoid Winter Damage with These Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Winters in Oklahoma can be very cold with plenty of ice and snow. And while those conditions are known for making roads treacherous, they can also do a number on your vehicle. Cars, trucks, and SUVs operate at their best in mild to warm weather, and when temperatures drop below freezing, serious issues can occur.

In addition to making sure you drive as safely as possible this winter, it’s also essential to make sure your vehicle is well protected from the elements and hazardous road conditions winter weather can cause. Thankfully, avoiding major damage and keeping your vehicle road worthy throughout the year is as easy as following a few tips. Check out the infographic below to learn five essential steps all drivers should follow in Oklahoma this winter to avoid winter-related vehicle damage.

Keep These Additional Tips in Mind, Too

While the tips listed in the infographic cover most scenarios that can cause winter weather damage to vehicles, there are other possibilities that you should be aware of. They all involve common scenarios, and each mistake can be damaging and possibly even dangerous in its own way. They include:

  • Don’t clear ice off your windshield with hot water—You’re running late and your windshield is covered in thick ice. The last thing you want to do is scrape it off, but avoid the temptation of pouring hot water over it. The rapid change in temperature can cause glass to weaken, crack, or even shatter, making you even later and requiring you to pay a hefty repair bill.
  • Don’t swerve or slam on your brakes to avoid potholes—Potholes are most commonly formed when water enters small cracks in asphalt and pavement, then expands after it freezes. The damage breaks up the road, and the resulting holes can damage vehicles. If you see a pothole up ahead and can’t avoid it, never swerve or slam on your brakes, as doing so can result in a serious crash.
  • Don’t leave large sections of ice on your windshield or windows—Hot water to clear ice is off the table, but it’s still important to remove all of it from your windshield and windows before driving. When you have limited visibility due to thick ice, you’re more likely to be involved in a crash. In addition, the sun can reflect off ice, creating a blindingly bright light.
  • Don’t drive when winter weather is on the way—When winter weather arrives, it can shut down highways and interstates in a matter of minutes, pummeling vehicles along the way with snow and ice and trapping drivers for hours or even days. Always check the weather forecast before leaving home, and don’t drive if conditions look treacherous.

While you’re at it, be sure to take care of routine maintenance tasks, including making sure you have plenty of coolant, keeping up with regular oil changes at scheduled intervals, ensuring your tires are filled with the recommended PSI, and keeping your gas tank topped off.

Get Experienced Legal Representation After a Winter-Related Accident

Whether another driver failed to prepare their vehicle for winter driving, or they failed to take extra precautions on slick roads, you deserve compensation for their negligence if they caused a crash that injured you or your loved ones. And at Parrish DeVaughn, it’s our goal to help you get it.

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