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Avoid Social Media After an Accident—Here’s Why.

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family—and after an accident, those are the people you need the most. But if you decide to file a claim, posting about your accident, your injuries, or your case on social media can result in the insurance company reducing or even denying you the money you deserve.

Insurance companies rely on their teams of adjusters to find ways to reduce claims or dismiss them entirely. They often look at claimants’ social media accounts for any information that can be used against them, such as:

  • Status updates related to the accident—The insurance company will have a detailed record of everything it knows about your accident or injury, including statements you provide. But if you post statements to your social media account that differ from those records, the insurance company may become skeptical of your claim.
  • Pictures after the accident—You may be doing your best to live a normal life after your accident, despite pain and disability. But if the insurance company sees pictures of you taking part in activities that it deems too painful or difficult given your injuries, it may reduce or deny your claim.

After an accident, you can protect your rights by thinking twice about what you post on social media. Our Oklahoma personal injury attorneys know that insurance companies are always looking for ways to avoid paying victims the money they deserve, but it’s our goal to help you pursue maximum compensation for what you’ve gone through. Contact us today for a free consultation.