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5 Very Important Tips For Safe Cycling

Cycling is both a convenient form of local transportation and great exercise. Because you must share the road with motor vehicles, cycling comes with some risk. When an accident occurs with a car or truck, the resulting injuries can be devastating. If this describes your situation, don’t hesitate to get the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Ride safely by following these five cycling tips:

Don’t Ride Against the Traffic

Some cyclists mistakenly believe that riding on the left side of the road is safer because they are facing traffic. The main danger is getting struck by traffic pulling out of side roads, driveways, and intersections. Motorists are not expecting someone approaching from that direction and often fail to see the cyclist coming. The cyclist may be cut off by the car or hit head on.

Obey Traffic Laws

The traffic laws also apply to the cyclist. Riding in the right lane, observing stop signs and traffic signals as well as other rules of the road serve to protect the bicyclist and others alike.

Wear a Helmet

The human skull does a poor job of protecting the brain from injury in cycling accidents. Brain injury can lead to serious complications and is sometimes life altering. The helmet must have a proper fit that covers the top of the head and forehead. Adjust the chin strap so that the helmet is kept firmly in place.

Be Visible

Wear bright reflective clothing during the day and avoid night riding. Always use lights in conditions of poor visibility and beware of riding into a low setting or rising sun. The sun’s glare may prevent cars from seeing you as they approach from behind.

Beware of Parked Cars

Ride at least three feet from parked cars to avoid running into an opening door. Although this exposes you to traffic coming from behind, it is the safest course of action.

If a reckless or negligent motorist injured you while cycling, there is no reason you should bear the hardship of recovery without fair compensation. Get in touch with a personal injury attorney in Oklahoma City. For a free consultation, contact us today.