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Oklahoma City Debunking Myths About Oklahoma City Senior Drivers Attorneys

Debunking Myths About Oklahoma City Senior Drivers

How often have you heard it said that seniors are at higher risks of causing car accidents? Some have come to believe that more mature drivers are not as safety-conscious as motorists of other age groups. Our auto accident lawyer knows the facts and now debunks the myths that give seniors a bad reputation on the roads.

Older Drivers are Safer Drivers

With the help of AAA, insights into the driving behavior of senior citizens offer up some startling facts. For starters, mature drivers know their limitations and avoid driving conditions that they deem unsafe. They are more conscientious about using their seat belts than other age groups. At the same time, these motorists are far less likely to drive under the influence of alcohol.

Seniors Die at Higher Rates in Auto Accidents

In spite of these positive trends, drivers over the age of 65 die at an alarming rate because of vehicle accidents. A number of conditions may contribute to this increase in mortality.

If you are a senior who has sustained injuries during a car crash, contact us. Our auto accident lawyer can help you learn how to protect your rights. Far too often, unscrupulous insurance adjusters will try to blame your age for the accident rather than the unsafe driving behavior of the other motorist. Do not let them get away with it!