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Oklahoma City What Happens if You’re Hurt in a Crash with a Truck That isn’t from OK? Attorneys

What Happens if You’re Hurt in a Crash with a Truck That isn’t from OK?

Oklahoma is bordered by 6 states: Colorado and Kansas in the north, Missouri and Arkansas in the east, Texas in the south, and New Mexico in the west. Interstate 40, which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, also runs through the state, including downtown Oklahoma City.

These factors combine to mean that Oklahoma is a major thoroughfare for regional and national commerce and transportation. Big trucks frequently pass through the state, and many of those trucks are registered in other states.

Regardless of where a semi-truck is from, it can still put people in cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs in danger, but what happens when OK residents are hurt in crashes with trucks from other states?

You Can Still File a Compensation Claim Against the At-Fault Party

After a crash involving an out-of-state semi-truck, you should proceed just as you would if the truck was from your town. That means getting immediate medical attention, recording as many details about the crash as possible (including the driver’s name, the trucking company, and the truck’s license plate number), and calling an experienced Oklahoma City truck accident lawyer.

The insurance policies covering trucks, truck drivers, and trucking companies that do business across state lines or the U.S. cover out-of-state crashes. That means from an insurance claim perspective, you have little to fear in terms of eligibility for compensation. However, that doesn’t mean your goal of getting damages will be easy!

Out-of-State Parties May Be Less Cooperative

Because truck accident claims are often worth more money overall than car accident claims, the at-fault parties and their insurance companies are often even more reluctant to pay up. That’s especially true when the crashes occur across state lines.

Those parties may take advantage of the fact that hundreds or even thousands of miles separate them from the people who were hurt in crashes, and they may be even less responsive and cooperative than they normally would be. When victims take their truck accident claims into their own hands, especially against out-of-state parties, they may find themselves being dismissed or ignored.

What If You Need to Sue to Get Compensation?

Getting compensation through a personal injury claim isn’t always easy, but it generally avoids the legal system. Instead, it’s a way for both parties to avoid going to court, and it involves some back and forth and negotiation to land on a fair settlement amount for the victims. But things change when a lawsuit is involved, especially with an out-of-state party.

Most truck accident cases involving out-of-state defendants will be filed and take place in Oklahoma, but it may be advantageous to file them in the state where the truck driver and company are based or even in federal court. The criteria for deciding where to file the lawsuit are complex, and that’s why it’s important to have an experienced Oklahoma truck accident attorney on your side as soon as possible after the crash.

We’re Ready to Help You Get Paid for Your Truck Accident Damages

When you’re hurt by a big truck, the last thing you care about is where it’s from. All you want is to get better and to get money to pay for your medical bills and lost wages. When you call Parrish DeVaughn Injury Lawyers, we make it our job to handle the paperwork and legal side of things, while you focus on getting better.

Contact us for a free consultation. We know truck accident laws, both on a state and federal level, and we’ll ensure your rights are protected from the day you call. Don’t risk being a victim a second time, or getting the run around from an out-of-state trucking company. Get our experienced lawyers on your side today.