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How An Oklahoma City
Slip & Fall Injury Attorney Can Help You

Property owners have a legal obligation to keep their property safe for visitors. If you were injured because of unsafe property conditions, you might have legal options available to get compensation for the costs of the injuries you’ve suffered.

Slips, trips, and falls can have serious immediate and long-term consequences on your physical well-being. And fall-related injuries aren’t just painful and debilitating, they’re also expensive. Our Oklahoma slip and fall lawyers know the law and how it protects people who’ve been injured on others’ property. We want to help you fight for the compensation you’re entitled to by law.

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How We Help Slip and Fall Injury Victims

Our attorneys work hard to prove that a property’s owners or managers acted negligently, and that their negligence led to our client’s injury. We’ll investigate the scene of the fall, build a case based on the evidence we’ve collected, and demand compensation from the at-fault party and their insurance company.

We understand how difficult the time after suffering a serious injury can be for victims and their loved ones, and our compassionate team will work with you every step of the way. It’s our goal to get you the help you need to get your life back to as close to normal as possible. We handle all aspects of your claim, so you can instead focus on your health and recovery.

Damages You Might Be Entitled to After a Slip and Fall Accident

When someone is injured in a slip and fall accident, they can file a premises liability claim to recover the damages they’ve experienced because of their injury. This includes:

  • Medical expenses (ambulatory care, hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, medications, etc.)
  • Lost income (including past and future income lost due to time missed at work or inability to work)
  • Pain and suffering (including physical, mental, and emotional suffering you’ve experienced because of your injury)

If Possible, Act Quickly to Begin the Process

Because proving that a property was unsafe is a key part of slip and fall premises liability cases, it’s best to contact an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. We’ll work to preserve any evidence, talk to witnesses, and prove that dangerous property conditions were the cause of your injury.

Oklahoma law allows two years from the time of your injury to get compensation in premises liability claims. However, evidence typically needs to be gathered shortly after the incident, so the sooner you act, the sooner your attorney can start to build a strong case for compensation.

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Common Causes of Oklahoma Slip and Fall Accidents

Many types of property conditions can lead to serious fall-related injuries. Here are just a few common causes:

  • Icy, wet, or slippery surfaces
  • Broken flooring or stairs
  • Missing or broken handrails or guardrails
  • Dimly lit walkways
  • Uneven floors
  • Cluttered or obstructed walkways

If any of these dangers are present on a property, owners and managers should erect signs that warn people visiting the property of the dangerous conditions. Failure to do so could potentially make the property owner liable for injuries people suffer because of those dangerous conditions.

Falls Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Falls lead to some of the most serious injuries one can experience. Falls are the leading cause of hip fractures and one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries. Though falls are most likely to seriously injure older adults, anyone can suffer long-term, costly injuries through slip and fall accidents.

Some of the most common fall-related injuries include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Broken hips
  • Back or spinal cord injuries
  • Ankle or wrist fractures
  • Severe sprains
  • Torn ligaments
  • Extensive soft tissue damage
  • Lacerations

A single fall can also result in more than one of the injuries listed above. In some cases, the injuries caused by a fall can affect a person’s quality of life in profound ways. If you’ve been seriously injured in a fall, know that you might be able to recover all the costs of your injury from a negligent property owner.

Notifying the Property Owner of Your Injury

After your injury, you should notify the property owner or manager of your injury. If possible, do this in writing and keep a copy of the letter. This can help establish a record and a timeline of your injury. If you choose to hire an attorney, they can notify the relevant parties if you haven’t already done so.

What to Do if You’re Contacted by the Property Owner’s Insurer

In the hours, days, or weeks following your injury, you might be contacted by the property owner’s insurance company. Know that you are under no legal obligation to speak with them. They will typically want you to give them a statement, and they may then try to use that statement against you when you pursue your claim. It’s best not to give them that opportunity.

If you’re contacted by an insurance company that isn’t your own, don’t speak to them. Instead, refer them to your attorney and say nothing else.

Let Our Oklahoma City Slip and Fall Attorneys Help You

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident, our legal team is here to help. We have years of experience fighting for the maximum compensation our clients deserve. Let our Oklahoma City slip and fall attorneys help you get the care and payment you need to move forward.

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