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Oklahoma City Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Work Injury Lawyer Attorneys

Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Work Injury Lawyer

The medical bills associated with a workplace accident quickly mount. Add to this the time you need to take off and the concerns you have about advancing in your chosen field, and it makes sense that discussing your situation with a work injury lawyer becomes imperative. How do you know that you have found a professional you can work with?

We have compiled a list of three questions that every professional in this field should be able to answer satisfactorily.

  1. Have you previously represented a client in a situation similar to mine? This question seeks to ferret out the attorney’s background and overall experience in the field. Although you know that new lawyers graduate and take on positions at firms, you do not necessarily want a newcomer to the field to cut her or his teeth on your case.
  2. Does my case have merit? Be prepared to hear answers that you may not like. After all, you want an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your position. Doing so lets you move forward with the right amount of force and a realistic outlook when a settlement is offered.
  3. Will you handle my case from start to finish? It pays to know who your go-to contact is for the duration of the case. There may be hearings, appeals, settlement negotiations, phone conferences and potentially litigation. Knowing ahead of time whether one professional or multiple attorneys will be involved can help you make your decision.

When discussing your case with a work injury lawyer, you should of course also ask about the fee structure and learn how the firm handles expenses associated with litigation. Contact us today for more information about protecting your rights after suffering a work accident.