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Oklahoma City Disfigurement Issues and the Significance of a Bad Injury Attorneys

Disfigurement Issues and the Significance of a Bad Injury

In a perfect world, you recover from any injuries you suffered in a slip and fall accident, car crash or product liability case. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. Occasionally, there are injuries that result in disabilities, chronic health conditions or even disfigurement. Our personal injury attorney realizes that there are many misconceptions about the latter topic.

More Than Skin Deep

Disfigurement is not just a small scar on the chin. Although it is defined as a condition that mars your personal beauty, it is much more commonly a situation that leaves you looking odd. It is the kind of condition that draws stares. Before long, it can result in serious adverse psychological effects.

Caused my Negligence? Or Perhaps an Accident?

Burns and plastic surgeries are common culprits when discussing disfigurement. Yet there are also the causes that you might not normally associate with the condition. A cut, which got infected, or a common surgical procedure that went awry, could be among the examples that you would not usually connect with abnormal scarring.

Compensation Should Factor in Future Medical, Psychological or Vocational Needs

In many cases, it is possible to fix a disfigurement with a surgical procedure. In the cases when this is not a possibility, a personal injury attorney can help you to negotiate a settlement that factors in expenses for future medical as well as psychological treatments. Recovering your losses may also include lost potential compensation when you can show that the change in your appearance will affect your future opportunities and income.

For example, a real estate agent suffering from a severe facial disfigurement may no longer be able to get as many clients as s/he did before the situation occurred. Vocational training can help this professional to embark on a new career. Contact us today to learn more about your rights when suffering from disfigurement or the effects of a personal injury.