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What a Lawyer Can Do for You After a Big Truck Accident

Truck accidents, especially those involving commercial trucks, can be some of the most devastating wrecks that a person can experience. If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you may be entitled to legal compensation that will help cover your medical bills and provide you monetary support until you are healthy enough to return to work. However, getting the type of settlement that you deserve requires having the proper legal representation. Read on to discover how an expert attorney can help you get a proper settlement after you’ve been hurt in a truck accident.

Proving Fault with Legal Help

In any personal injury case, including truck accidents, proving fault is the key in getting a settlement. Trucking accidents, however, are particularly difficult to prove fault in, especially when you’re unfamiliar with process. When you hire an attorney, they will be able to assist you in proving fault in your case. By gathering witness statements, documenting the accident scene and consulting the truck’s data recorder, your attorney will work to prove fault in your case to make sure the insurance company will give you the type of payout that you need to move on with your life following your truck accident. With an expert attorney on your side, proving fault is easier than you could possibly imagine.

Develop an Effective Demand Letter

Every truck accident case starts with the writing of your demand letter. This is a document outlining your settlement requests to the parties responsibly for your wreck. Because this letter is so vital to your case, it must be handled with the utmost care so that the language is clear and your demands direct. Allowing an attorney to craft your demand letters means being sure that it is constructed in such a way that the people responsible for your wreck take your requests seriously. Additionally, having a letter that has clearly been written by an attorney gives it more weight because it comes with the possibility of legal action.

Let Your Lawyer Handle Negotiations

Before you get your settlement, it’s likely that you will be forced to negotiate with an insurance company. For many people this process is extremely intimidating. However, with an attorney on your side, facing down the insurance company lawyers isn’t as scary an ordeal. Your attorney will handle negotiations with a deft touch, making sure that you are not being taken advantage of and that the final settlement is as close to your demands as possible. Having a lawyer on your side makes the likelihood of your success vastly increase when entering into insurance company negotiations.

Hire an Expert Attorney After a Truck Accident

Following a big truck accident, you may not have considered retaining legal representation. Although you are most likely preoccupied with the medical and financial aftereffects of your wreck, looking for the right attorney is one of the first things you should do after your accident. Legal representation means having someone fight for you and raising your chances of receiving a necessary settlement. Directly after your big truck accident, your first call should be to one of the expert attorneys working at the Parrish DeVaughn Law Firm. We’ll handle your truck accident case in the most professional manner possible, working on your behalf to get the settlement you deserve.

Request a consultation from the Parrish DeVaughn Law Firm today and start recovering from your accident.