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Patrice Miller

Patrice Miller

Little Axe Elementary - Third Grade

Parrish DeVaughn Injury Lawyers
Parrish DeVaughn Injury Lawyers
My youngest son was struggling in school with reading. He was so far behind. He was held back in the 1st grade and his reading problem seemed to be getting ignored through the school. Myself and husband tried everything that we could to help him summer reading school,toutoring, hooked on phonics. When he finally made it to the 3rd grade he was blessed with this kind soul of a teacher. She helped him so much and was very patient with him even on his hard days when he wanted to quit. She took time to test him for reading disabilities and found out that he in fact does have one. He got to get the help of a IEP in school. She always encouraged him and made him believe in himself and he is now in the 7th grade and still in a IEP and reading at a 4th grade level but, doing better . My son was just diagnosed with being dyslexic and probably was all this time. I just want her to know how much of a impact she has made on my son and my whole family! The world needs more people like her in it and schools need more educators like her. She really has went above and beyond with helping my son and helping him with his confidence, and never giving up on him. "Always Encouraging Him" He once felt like he was different and was teased about his reading. I am so appreciative of her and she will forever be in our hearts! I wish all of the blessings in the world to her and he family. I hope that she could be blessed by this and Thank you!

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