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Top 3 Causes of Work-Related Injuries in the United StatesDecember 5, 2018

work injury

When a work-related injury keeps you from doing your job, you may be struggling to pay your bills or provide for your loved ones. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits serve as a safety net for hardworking individuals like you when you can’t do your job due to an injury that occurred at work. At Parrish DeVaughn […]

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Protect Your Rights After a Work InjuryNovember 16, 2018

protect your rights after a work injury

Suffering an on-the-job injury or work-related illness can leave you facing days, weeks, or even months out of work. If you become unable to earn the paycheck you and your loved ones depend on, no matter how you earn your living, you should know what your options are. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits are in place […]

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Are Workers’ Comp Benefits Taxed by the IRSOctober 4, 2017

work injury claim form

Workers’ comp is something most people joke about when they get a papercut at work, but for people with actual injuries, the concept is very important. They need workers’ compensation to pay their medical bills and make up for their missed wages. Unfortunately, employers and insurers don’t want extra bills hurting their bottom line, so […]

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What You Need To Know After Being Hurt on the JobAugust 23, 2017

Mid adult African American man in metal shop

Almost every worker dreads the possibility of suffering an on the job injury. When you’re hurt on the job, it’s likely that you won’t be able to return to work until your injury heals, making it difficult to pay your medical bills and support your family. For many people who have been hurt at work, […]

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I Was Hurt Driving a Commercial Vehicle: Can I Be Compensated?March 23, 2017

Young Happy Delivery Man With Cardboard Box Checking List In Van

When you’re in an accident while driving a commercial vehicle on assignment from your employer, or in the course of normal work duties, your employer will be responsible for covering damages you suffer. This occurs in the form of worker’s compensation insurance. Learn about worker’s compensation as it relates to commercial truck accidents, and how […]

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Filing a Work Accident Report: What You Should KnowMarch 16, 2017

Accident Information Form

Everyone’s heard of workers’ compensation and knows it’s supposed to be there to cover you when you get hurt in a work-related accident, but many people don’t understand exactly how it works, how to file a claim, or what injuries are covered under this important form of insurance. Learn about worker’s compensation claims, how to […]

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How to Make Sure You’re Paid Workers’ Comp in OklahomaMarch 7, 2017

Someone filling out Work Injury Claim Form

Being injured on the job is no walk in the park, but you will likely be entitled to receiving workers’ compensation benefits. But just like other insurers, workers’ compensation insurance companies will always be looking to minimize the amount they have to pay on a claim. In order to receive the full Oklahoma workers’ compensation […]

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If You’re Hurt by a Coworker, Do You Have Legal Options?March 2, 2017

Young woman with cut on the eyebrow

Workers’ compensation was put in place to cover medical costs, lost wages and other such damages that occur if an accident happens while you are on the job and performing work duties. Usually, when you’re hurt at work for any reason you will be covered by this form of insurance, which covers you for your […]

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I Was Injured in a Scaffolding Accident, What Now?February 28, 2017

Worker standing on scaffolding

Did you know that there are more deaths in the construction industry each year than in almost any other U.S. industry? The inherent danger in construction sites causes many “falls” to happen, including individuals falling from scaffolding. Therefore, unsafe scaffolding leads to many lawsuits brought about by construction workers and their families, who may be […]

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What to Do If You’re Injured on a Construction SiteFebruary 23, 2017

Two men wearing hardhats, vests and safety glasses

Since construction sites come with an inherent level of danger, accidents are likely to occur if the proper precautions are not taken. The sites are often right in the middle of everyday life for many people, so even small mistakes can lead to big injuries to either pedestrians or even the construction workers themselves. If […]

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