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How to Make Sure You Drive Safely Through the SnowDecember 20, 2016

Winter brings a lot of exciting opportunities to make memories with your family. And, whether you’re going off to see family for the holidays or taking a trip north to ski some slopes, chances are you’ll have to do a fair bit of driving. While snow can help make any landscape into an idyllic winter […]

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Avoid Car Accidents This Labor Day With These Simple TipsAugust 30, 2016

Summer is drawing to a close. As school supplies go on sale, days grow shorter, and evenings become cooler, taking advantage of these final summer days as a family is a wonderful idea. With gas prices at a decade low, consider taking a road trip. A weekend trip with the family to the Quartz or […]

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Nighttime Driving Advice From an Auto Accident LawyerApril 23, 2016

For some drivers, driving at night is a scary experience. The lack of light mixed with other factors make night driving different from driving during the day, which may require certain adaptations to your driving. If you are going to be driving at night, make sure your headlights are working well. Make sure they are […]

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Rear Ended on a Motorcycle? Talk with a Lawyer ASAP!

Each motorist is required to allow sufficient space when following another in traffic. Factoring in the possibility that a driver may have to stop because of a hazard that the following vehicle cannot see, the space left is a cushion that gives the motorist a chance to stop and avoid a collision. In practice, countless […]

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Don’t Fall For The Classic Motorcycle Accident StereotypesApril 1, 2016

Being a motorcycle accident lawyer is not just about helping folks protect their rights in the aftermath of a crash. (Of course, we do that, too. Contact us if you would like to discuss your case.) That said, we are also advocates for bikers. Far too often, motorists have misconceptions and prejudices involving motorcycle riders. […]

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Top 4 Reasons to Hire an Auto Accident LawyerMarch 31, 2016

As noted by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, Oklahoma City saw 15,372 vehicle accidents in 2014. Of these, 55 involved fatalities while 433 cases resulted in incapacitating injuries. It is noteworthy that 2,871 cases involved possible injuries, which hints at situations that could not be determined at the time. Sobering as this data is, it […]

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Pay Attention To These Potential Life Saving TipsMarch 16, 2016

As a practicing motorcycle accident lawyer, I have seen many occasions where the crash occurred because another motorist tailgated the bike rider. If you find yourself in a situation where you are being aggressively tailgated without having the option of changing lanes, there are still some actions open to you that might avoid an accident. […]

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Tactics of Unscrupulous Insurance AdjustersJanuary 26, 2016

An accident that results in a personal injury creates havoc. It leads to medical expenses, the potential for lifelong disabilities, the need for pain management, and lost wages that may threaten you and your family’s lifestyle. Insurance companies are supposed to compensate you for these damages and make you whole. Unfortunately, our personal injury lawyer […]

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Leveling Playing Field with Free Legal AdviceDecember 29, 2015

If you or a family member suffered personal injuries because of a workplace accident, car crash or for any other reason, it can be difficult to learn about your rights. While the insurance companies have legal advisers at their disposal, the average consumer does not. The opportunity to take advantage of free legal advice from […]

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Four Facts An Auto Accident Lawyer Wants You To Know

If you have been injured in an auto accident, you may be seeking damages for personal injury. This is a stressful time. To relieve some of the stress, it is helpful to know the law in Oklahoma regarding liability and car insurance, as laws vary from state to state. An auto accident lawyer wants you […]

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