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Oklahoma City Is Nerve Damage Covered By Workers’ Compensation? Attorneys

Is Nerve Damage Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

Some of the worst possible injuries you can suffer involve nerve damage. It can take months or even years for nerves to heal and often they never do completely. There are a variety of injuries that can result in damage to the nerves, from repetitive motion to cuts and sprains.

Many people wonder if workers’ comp will cover such expensive injuries. Learn whether your Oklahoma City worker’s compensation covers nerve damage, and what you need to know about filing a claim.

Nerve Damage Injuries

The first thing that it’s important to understand is that almost any kind of injury can potentially result in nerve damage. When you bruise, stretch or tear tissue, you can also do damage to the nerves. This can happen from slips and falls, repetitive damage, impacts and other forms of injury.

Other injuries can place pressure on the nerves, which blocks their ability to send and receive brain signals. This can occur both from a sudden accident and from stress resulting from repeated actions over a period of time. Injuries like carpal tunnel, traumatic brain injury and other forms of trauma and repetitive use often result in some degree of injury to your nerves.

Oklahoma City Workers’ Compensation

Here’s the good news: Oklahoma City workers’ compensation almost always covers injuries that result in nerve damage. There are a number of different aspects to the system which allows you to get compensated for your recovery, including regular pay replacement, benefits for permanent impairment, medical bill coverage and other forms of compensation.

What You Need to Know

The downsides of workers comp claims are several. First, you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer. The system is designed to be your sole remedy for injuries suffered on the job or in the course of employment. This means that you cannot collect benefits based on pain and suffering, lost relationships, dependent benefits and the like.

Another issue that sometimes arises is difficulty actually collecting on a workers’ comp claim. Sometimes the insurance company challenges your eligibility. They claim the injury isn’t as serious as you claim, that you failed to file the proper paperwork in the necessary time-frame or any other of a number of excuses.

Challenging Your Denial

Having your claim denied is a stressful thing during a time when you should be devoting your energy to getting well again. Nobody wants to be laid up and unable to be productive, and stress just makes it harder to get well. That’s why one of the first things you should do when filing a workers’ compensation claim in Oklahoma is to speak to a qualified and experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Even if your claim seems cut-and-dried, an attorney can make sure that you take all the right steps in the right time frame to get fully compensated under the law. They know how to challenge a denial and prove to all parties involved that you need the coverage these benefits supply. They are your best bet in defending your rights.

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