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Oklahoma City Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Chase Allegedly Leading To Crash Attorneys

Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Chase Allegedly Leading To Crash

An incident that began in a convenience store parking lot allegedly led to a chase with a tragic ending. A spokesperson for the Del City police said a fight broke out at about 11 p.m. on Thursday, August 20, and that two men in a Dodge Caliber then chased a red Mustang with two occupants, a 38-year-old male motorist and a 29 year-old female passenger.

Mustang Hits Tree

The car that was allegedly being chased at high speeds eventually flipped and crashed into a tree one block north of Bryant Avenue and SE 29. The female passenger died instantly in the wreck, according toKOCO News. The driver’s condition was not immediately known, although he did receive treatment at a local hospital.

Two Individuals Flee

A witness told authorities that the men in the Dodge got out of the vehicle at the crash scene and allegedly struck the driver before they returned to their car and drove away. Del City police were seeking anyone with further information about the incident.

Although the investigation into this accident is in its earliest stages, survivors of those killed due to the negligent conduct of others can seek compensation in Oklahoma’s civil courts. It is often possible to seek monetary damages for loss of companionship, pain-and-suffering and burial expenses.

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